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My journey started back in 2014 when I was introduced to my first crystal and the World of energy. This well and truly lead me down the "spiritual rabbit hole" where I uncovered my shadow and transformed my life.

I developed a very strong connection to spirit; realising along the way that my soul's purpose was to help people connect back to theirs.

I use my empathic nature & intuition to understand what will best serve an individual; as no two healings are ever the same!

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Dragonfly carry both the element of air & water, as they begin their life in water as nymphs and make their way to the air as the beautiful light beings we know them as. Their colours shining brighter as they get older!

They teach us to dive deep into our emotions and bring to light what is needed for our transformation & expansion. 
I’ve always felt a strong kinship with these delightful creatures and their fae like presence.

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introduction to energy healing

point of light therapy

intuitive plant medicine

reiki healing