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A 3 month intensive to be certified in working with the plant ally kingdom.

Learn to work in harmony with the plants for healing and energy activation. 

What to expect...

Practices, shamanic journeying and meditations to open your channel and communicate to the plant realm

Learn how to run on the body healings with flower essences

Connection and creation of your own healing apothecary

Developing a higher level of intuition and psychic ability

Know how to journey to meet and attune to your animal guides

Plant Spirit Healing

Be initiated to work deeply with spirit allies for yourself and as a practitioner so that you can heal your blocks and manifest a soul aligned life

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This program is for you...

If you want direction and clarity on your soul’s work.

If you are already on a healing path, or completely new to it.


If you are looking to work with vibrational plant medicine.


If you are looking to understand how to clear and heal your blocks using plant allies.


If you are looking to step into healing professionally.


If you are already a healer/ coach and you are looking to add another element.


If you keep attracting the same karmic relationships or emotional experiences. 


If something in your heart is pulling you towards the plant path, however you are looking to work on a more spiritual/ intuitive level.


If the term plant spirit medicine ignites something in your soul.

If you desire a more heartfelt existence.


What's included:

Pre-recorded classroom videos

6 x Coaching Support Calls

Guided Healing Meditations & activations

Workbook with journal prompts

PDF's and practical elements

Private group forum

+ more!

You will have on-going support throughout the course.

Not only from me, but from other like minded participants in an online Facebook group. A place for community and sharing of experience as well as a place for me to offer support and answer any questions that come up along the way. 


You will have the last 2 weeks of the course to integrate and practise, so that you feel confident stepping out as a healer.


This includes all of the steps from start to finish, logistics of running healings and how to hold space!


I've been seeing Jessie for a few years now, and each healing experience has transformed and surprised me in so many different ways. In my last healing, she helped me uncover the root of my confidence issues and cleared blockages that I had no idea existed.

Not long after, I was able to do things I was previously too scared to attempt and I know it was because of Jessie! She is such an amazing, warm and nurturing person and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her - it was meant to be.

Jess Symons

I went into Jessie's session expecting more of a relaxation session akin to the meditation that I do at home. What I ended up with was a profound realisation of the current blockages that are manifested themselves in my day to day life, and a deeper understanding of the trauma I had experienced as a child. 


This course is a catalyst to walking your highest timeline and birthing a new reality from within...

Heal relationship wounds and co-create a loving healthy divine partnership


Heal belief systems around worthiness and create safety to magnetise soul desires 


Reawaken inner-power to become the true creator of your life.


Walk away with the tools to do all of this working with the plant medicine realms.

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Hi, I'm Jessie...

I’m a trained Energy Healer, Reiki Master & ThetaHealer

I know what it's like to feel worthless, powerless and to be attracting relationships and situations from this place. 


My life didn’t always look the way it does now, there was a time where I was disconnected from myself and my surroundings were a reflection of this. I struggled with my confidence, my purpose, my sexuality and my worth. Finding connection with my plant allies was the catalyst for profound change.


I was able to take back my power, initiate deep healing and get back in touch with my intuition. What I love about working with the Earth’s Medicine is that it’s spirituality in a grounded way. It is a path that allows you to process and engage more with life. 


The support I have felt from Great Spirit is like nothing else! This has led to a deep universal trust and a belief in myself. I now have a beautiful soulmate relationship from undergoing healing of my childhood wounds. Being in a position to recognise and choose this healthy version of love. I had acne breakouts since I was 11 and this work with flower essences has played a huge part in finding the emotional element at the core and finally clearing my skin! It has been an ongoing journey of greater self acceptance and being comfortable with being seen. They are beautiful reminders that sometimes we need to experience the contrast to learn from. They have illuminated my ego stories, cracked my heart open and connected me to my higher self. Rediscovering my soul medicine through this path was the key to finding my place in the world.

 I am devoted to my path of service; helping people find greater acceptance, inner-power and embodiment. 


Birthing a new reality from within.


The medicine you need is right here.


The Earth is calling us home to our bodies and there has never been a more crucial time to do so. Raising the frequency of the Earth by expanding the individual and collective human consciousness. 


The plants are here to support the evolution of this planet. 
Moving from lack to abundance. 

- Jessica Giannetto

What you will walk away with...

You will walk away certified to facilitate healings for yourself and others.


You will walk away with the experience and knowledge to create your own healing apothecary. 


You will walk away with a deeper understanding of the world of spirit medicine.


You will walk away more grounded into the body and embodied into your calling.


You will walk away with a deeper understanding of the energy body and how to activate lifeforce energy.


You will walk away with a deeper understanding of the unconscious and how it shapes your reality.


You will walk away with a deeper connection to self! 

(This to me is priceless).

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I've had several sessions with Jessie now over the last year, and she always has a warm nurturing approach. She is intuitive and empathetic and the messages she tunes into and shares are always apt and what I need to hear in the moment. I love her use of flower remedies as part of the energy healing, so special and unique! Love your work, Jessie. Will always be returning for sure!

- Nikki 


This is my soul medicine and the work in this realm is deeply embodied. Not only is it integrated into my own life, but it’s what makes me stand out as a practicing healer. I have a unique experience with Australian Bush Flowers. I have given hundreds of energy healings with these native flower essences, witnessing many a-ha moments from my clients. 

Did you know that Australia has the highest number of flowering plants and they are the oldest in the world!  This makes for very wise medicine.


What I am offering here you won’t get anywhere else.


I’m calling out to the medicine makers who have been feeling disconnected and are ready to rise up and step fully into working in alignment with this spirit realm.

If you are feeling the call, I am offering free 15 minute discovery calls to answer any of your questions. 


Course Breakdown:

  Week One: Ground & Harmonise  

  • How I healed within this realm
  • Plants for Human Evolution
  • Psychic Development & Extrasensory Perception
  • Sacred Space & Intention Setting
  • Introduction into Journeying
  • Access gifts from past lifetime

Week Two: Plant Spirit Healing 

  • Introduction into Plant Spirit Healing
  • Reasons we may call on Plant Spirit
  • Communication with Plants
  • Journey to meet and attune with plant guide
  • Earth Altar Ritual

Week Three: Non-Linear Realm

  • Plant Spirit Continued
  • Introduction into Flower Essences
  • Plant Personalities
  • Seasons, Cycles & Life force
  • Inner Power Healing
  • Harvest Guide & Spirit Offerings

Week Four: Elemental Beings

  • The Fae & Nature Spirits
  • Subconscious Realm & Emotional Blind Spots
  • Preparing Flower Essences
  • Medicine Walk & Channeling Plant Spirit
  • Forming personal relationship with plants

Week Five: Animal Medicine

  • On The Body Healing 
  • Client Preparation
  • Pillar of Light & Body Scan
  • Aura Clearing & Vibrational Essence Sprays (& how to make)
  • Unconditional Love Healing
  • Journey to meet animal guide

Week Six: Mind & Body Connection

  • Energy Anatomy (Chakras, Auric Field & Energetic Pathways)
  • The Mind Body Connection
  • Intuition vs Intellect + Pendulum & Muscle Testing
  • Invoking divine light and spiritual assistance
  • Chakra Blessing & Manifestation in the 7th Plane

Week Seven: Heart Chakra

  • Preparing self & space for healing
  • Preparing client for healing
  • How to hold space
  • Combining Crystal Medicine
  • Heart Chakra Healing & Activation

Week Eight: Soul Medicine

  • Case Studies
  • Source Energy
  • Attuning to your medicine
  • Heart Chakra Healing & Activation

Week Nine: Divine Timing

  • Logistics of Running Healings
  • How to give session from start to finish
  • Aftercare & Integration for Clients

Week Ten: Self Care

  • Self Care for Healers
  • Life Transition Healing
  • Practices & Principles to fill your own cup
  • Night time routine

Weeks Eleven & Twelve: Integration

  • Space will be left open for Practise & Integration
  • Share findings
  • Close Space

You will gain access to a new module each week for twelve weeks, with lifetime access to revisit whenever you feel called to. 

Date TBA

Your Investment...


Early Bird Option
$888 AUD 

total cost

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One Time Payment
$997 AUD 

total cost


Payment Plan
$333 AUD

a month for three months



Or email me:


Every time you are tempted to shrink,

the Earth invites you to rise.

- Jessica Giannetto