Flower essence and essential oil blend to raise your vibration.



    Raise your vibration.

    This heart opening vibrational essence was created using the most sacred of ingredients. Made with the intention of raising your vibration, connecting you to the Creator and your true essence.

    Our Palo Santo blend is perfect for meditation, ceremony and energy healing. Spray through auric field & sacred space to create ritual and intention throughout your day.

    Flower essences capture the vibrational life force of flowers.

    The flower essence used in this spray is made by traditional Amazonian Shamans in the jungle of Peru. It is made in sacred ceremony and blessed with the intention of assisting in the shift of consciousness happening on Mother Earth.

    San Pedro (Cactus) flower essence - the high vibration of San Pedro helps to heal and open your heart. Connecting you and bringing a loving awareness into each waking moment.

    Blue Lotus water - Blue Lotus has one of the highest vibrations. Connecting one to the Divine, inducing higher states of consciousness.

    Palo Santo (Holy Wood) essential oil to ward off unwanted energies, clearing your space/field.

    Patchouli essential oil for grounding and balancing of the emotions.

    Frankincense essential oil to strengthen intuition and spirit.

    In deep reverence.

    The essential oils used in this spray are of the highest quality- with sustainable sourcing.

    Ingredients: distilled water, pure tasmanian vodka, blue lotus water, certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils: palo santo, frankincense, patchouli. flower essence San Pedro: distilled water, organic brandy. natural solubilzer: derived from almond & coconut oil- infused with Reiki ~ created in ritual. only natural ingredients included. no synthetic chemicals or fillers.

    Aromatic description: woody, earthy, musky.
    Respect for the indigenous peoples and cultures. 🙏