Ceremonial cacao flower essence and botanicals to nourish your divine feminine. 

Heart | Womb


  • I wanted to create an oil for all of the beautiful women around me; to honour themselves and their cycle.
    Cacao spirit & botanicals - a hydrating & soothing blend of primrose and jojoba oil, packed with antioxidants for the ultimate self care ritual. Increases skins capacity to hold moisture - perfect for after a shower, or bath.

    Connecting your heart and womb space for feminine healing.

    This delicious blend is perfect for:
    • breast and heart chakra massage
    • womb massage at moon time
    • creating ritual and devotion to your body.

    It is time that we treat oursevles as sacred.

    Affirmation: I cherish and honour my body. 
    Ingredients: organic jojoba and primrose oil, pure essential oils: clary sage, rose absolute, sandalwood. 
    ceremonial cacao flower essence: distilled water, organic brandy. 
    - infused with Reiki ~ created in ritual.
    Aromatic description: floral & earthy.