A bush flower and essential oil blend for grounding and connection.


  • Shift your state of being

    Flower Essences capture the vibrational life force of flowers. They work on the mental and emotional bodies.

    The essences used in these sprays are made from native Australian flowers.

    Red Lily flower essence is connected to Aboriginal spirituality, which is very grounded and connected to Earth. It opens the crown chakra and our connection to spirituality, in a grounded and centred way.

    Vetiver essential oil for when we need grounding back to Earth.

    Frankincense essential oil for when we feel disconnection from our spirit.

    Cedarwood essential oil for calming the emotions and creating a sense of ease.

    The essential oils used in this spray are of the highest quality- with sustainable sourcing.

    Ingredients: distilled water, pure tasmanian vodka, certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils: vetiver, frankincense, cedarwood. australian bush flower essence red lily: purified water, brandy. natural solubilzer: derived from almond & coconut oil- infused with Reiki ~ created in ritual.
    only natural ingredients included. no synthetic chemicals or fillers. 
    Aromatic description: warm, spicy, earthy.
    The Black Cockatoo represents the power of spirit.