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"The journey that Jessie took me on has given me clarity and sense of safety that despite years of self reflection and working on developing a stronger connection with my spirit, I had never experienced. 

Jessie was able to guide me into a space that can best be described as tranquil. She opened my mind and spirit to an arena I had never previously accessed. I was able to uncover a new layer of consciousness and for that I’m eternally grateful. Her knowledge and intuitive nature is comforting to say the least. I look forward to my next chapter of spiritual exploration knowing I am not walking in this alone.

Thank you angel girl."

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"I've been on this journey for quite a while now trying to find balance and meaning in my life and along the way I have met many people who have taught me things, but the one person who has stood out by far and helped me heal spiritually and mentally is

As she has helped me find peace and clarity. She has worked with me through Reiki healing and I have had amazing progress from this. 


I couldn't thank you enough. 

You're an angel."

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"I am almost lost for words, Jessica's energy healing is both gentle and deeply transformative. I was nervous about having my first energy healing session, because I didn't know exactly what to expect and feared not having control over my body. I also knew that I had a lot of deeply rooted trauma to work through. Our session began with a brief introductory conversation. I immediately began to feel comfortable and trusting. Jessica's approach is soft and deeply empathetic. I felt very connected, understood and heard.


Throughout the session I was guided at all times by Jessica's voice, letting me know what she was doing / going to do next and which area she was working on. This made me feel safe and respected. I absolutely loved the guided meditations, use of crystals and Australian bush flower remedies. I walked out of my first session feeling very light, grounded and in flow. 

As soon as I arrived home I painted, wrote and drew for hours. The next few days were challenging because I had to work through the negative energy shifting from my body, but I knew this all along. Jessica shared with me some of her tools and resources for working through these days. I came out the other side feeling alive, free and vibrant. I just had my second session with Jessica. I feel so calm and content. I am eternally grateful to Jessica and her time. There is so much light, love and positivity to be encountered through these sessions with her."

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"Wowwww for this human! I visited her recently and I had the most amazing experience, felt incredible relaxed and comfortable, she knows lots and the energy was beautiful. Literally after the energy cleaning she’s done I was like after a 5 hours swim deep down the ocean. I highly recommend!! I’ll be back soon for some more diving!"

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"From the bottom of my heart I owe so much to Jess, In my first session Jess helped guide me through healing a trauma I had dealt with for 3 years prior that no amount of conventional medicine was fixing. She is a warm soul she has great energy and true to what she does.


The second I walked in I knew I was in the right place and a safe place.
I highly recommend if you are struggling with any sort of problems or even just want to be happier I can’t recommend Jess enough
🙏🏽 please go see her !!"

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"Nurturing, transformative, magical - just a few words I would use to describe my time with Jessie. 

I first saw Jessie a year ago, shortly after my Grandmother passed away. At the time I was experiencing some blockages preventing me from grieving and processing which - for a Leo/Cancer/Pisces - I found to be quite a foreign and challenging experience. 

From the moment I stepped into this beautiful space, I felt a calming wave wash over me. Jessie took me through a guided meditation and used her incredible gift to assist in shifting the blockages - a process I could feel both physically and emotionally. 


We began the session with some drumming through which I felt a very strong and beautiful connection with my Grandmother. With her intuition, Jessie felt a call to incorporate Bluebell essence into our practice, placing a few drops on my heart chakra. She stood by me and we breathed deeply, connecting to the magic of this beautiful essence. Within a few moments I experienced a deep and profound release - one that had me sobbing uncontrollably behind the lovely lavender eye mask! With her hand on my shoulder, I knew Jessie was there the whole time supporting me. 

Throughout the session, I felt pings as the energy shifted around my body, bringing me back into alignment with myself. 
I cannot recommend her enough for those looking to bring some love and balance back into their bodies, shift stagnant energy or navigate their way through emotional blockages. Jessie is so full of care and consideration and an innate love and understanding of healing practices and bush flower essence - an actual human angel!"

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"A very big thank you Jess! My energy has been lifted brightening, I'm seeing my surroundings in a much more positive and higher perspective! I feel so weightless and all I want to do is be outside to watch the world go by!

I feel free from my pain!

Thank you so much for sharing your gift!"

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"Wow.. I find it hard to describe my experience with Jessica. 

I was never really a believer, until I started meditating and my first session with Jessica, and she started explaining things that I was experiencing as a spiritual awakening.

My first session was mind blowing I felt her energy work through my body. 
She’s helped me overcome some serious hurdles I’ve struggled with for years. 

She’s definitely got a gift that I cannot explain. I’m so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to feel her energy and to get her advice and help."

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Thank you so much!