Energy Healing

Energy healing is a non-invasive technique that works on clearing stagnant energy from the body, chakras & field.


As our energetic body holds the blueprint of our physical lives, regular energy healing sessions can improve quality of life and help people cope with difficulties.

Benefits of this work: release of emotional stress, increased energy levels + vitality, improved overall well-being, open heart, clear mind, optimism, alleviated pain, decrease in anxiety, spiritual growth, creates deep relaxation for stress relief, supports immune system + clearing toxins, raises vibrational frequency and aids in better sleep.

I am a trained Reiki practitioner and channel this energy in my treatments. Reiki energy harmonises the mind, body and spirit- re-balancing your field. I channel this energy through my hands, where I am intuitively guided. Charging the body with positive, life force energy. It's like getting a warm hug from the Universe.

I have integrated a combination of modalities and vibrational medicine into my healings.


Australian Bush Flower Remedies- Custom-made for you

Flower Essences capture the vibrational imprint of a plant and have always been used to bring about emotional balance/energetic healing. Australian Aborigines used them, as did the Ancient Egyptians. They are magic makers leading the way to our higher self; by identifying blockages and self limiting beliefs. Australia has the oldest plants in the World making for very wise medicine!

Raise your vibration! A 20ml blend of Australian Bush Flowers, infused with energy healing~ further charged with Quartz Crystal. I intuitively make a remedy, best suited for your healing at this time.  Positive outcomes and Affirmations included.


Vibrational Plant Medicine

Vibrational Plant Medicine is a practice where we work with the spirit of a plant to assist in energetic healing. I intuitively place Australian Bush Flower Essences on your major meridian points (energetic pathways) creating shifts within the body. This modality can help guide you through life transitions, connect you to your higher self and clear negative attachments.  


Distant Healing

Distant Healing is based on the law of connectivity. We are all energetically tied via the Earth's aura and when working with spiritual energy, time and space doesn't exist. This allows the healer to tap into your auric field (without you being there physically) and intuitively work with your blocks, bringing you back into alignment with yourself.

Energy follows intention! The healing will be carried out exactly as if you were there, except you get the comfort of your own home.

Distant healing will not affect the efficiency of the healing and can be done from anywhere in the World.

House Clearing
In a house clearing, all negative energy will be removed from your home bringing it to a state or neutrality. Positive energy will then be brought into the space with angelic support and blessings. You can think of this a re-set; great through times of change!

Energy Healing + Vibrational Plant Medicine: 1.5 hours - $125 or x 3 sessions for $345  (includes consultation & crystal body layout).

Custom-made Australian Bush Flower Remedy- $27 + postage (pick up option available).

Distant Healing: 1.5 hours-$125 or x 3 sessions for $345 (includes consultation over phone).

House Clearing: $110 (this includes travel cost)

FREE 15 minute consultations available via phone.

What Others Had to Say:


From the bottom of my heart I owe so much to Jess, In my first session Jess helped guide me through healing a trauma I had dealt with for 3 years prior that no amount of conventional medicine was fixing. She is a warm soul she has great energy and true to what she does. The second I walked in I knew I was in the right place and a safe place.

I highly recommend if you are struggling with any sort of problems or even just want to be happier I can’t recommend Jess enough.


🙏🏽 please go see her !!

                             Andreas Patroklou

I did a couple of therapy sessions with Jessica and any scepticism I may have had was proven wrong. Over the years I have attended various types of therapies but never experienced one quite as astonishing as Jessica’s light work. Throughout the process I could feel the areas of my body where she was working energetically. Although my experience was completely comfortable and quite relaxing, there were moments where I felt heat in an area where Jessica was clearing toxic or imbedded trauma. Once the session was done, I felt lighter and it was as if a shift had occurred and suddenly any heaviness had been removed. At the end, Jessica even gave me a Clearing Contract to take home with me so I could continue the Contract Revoking Statements to help continue to clear any dark or negative energy that had attached to me. It’s a process that needs to continue to receive the full benefits of the therapy, but is definitely one that I would recommend for anyone. You never know what has been holding you back, and although there are a variety of therapies available, Energy Healing is one that should always be considered!

Louise Gallo

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