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4 month
1:1 Mentorship with Jessie

Are you ready embody your psychic gifts
and start getting paid in your purpose?

As your vision comes to life, you'll find radical self-compassion and worth, empowering you to face your fears and the voice that tells you: "You'll never make it," "You're not talented enough," or "You're going to fail" head-on and transmute them into your greatest asset—your gift to share with others.


In this mentorship, you'll explore mindset shifts, subconscious reprogramming, energy work, and practical strategies to befriend that inner voice telling you"Who are you to charge that much" or "Nobody wants what you have to offer," helping you liberate yourself from limiting beliefs.
By cultivating your intuition and inner wisdom, you'll navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with grace and resilience, confidently raising your prices and meeting your clients' needs.


Picture this

Two sessions each month, a dedicated space for healing, and unwavering support from me between our sessions. 

This is more than just mentorship this is an intitiaiton into a more abundant and liberated self, where you feel deeply intune with the world around you.

You will hold radical self-compassion, feel more connected to your body and it’s innate wisdom, and embody deep reverence for life. 

Mirror affirmations, self-help books, and weekend retreats haven’t brought tangible changes to your daily life.

You're putting in hours creating content, but not seeing any clients coming your way, which leaves you feeling tired, frustrated, and kinda sour at the universe.

The concept of subconscious reprogramming is familiar, but accessing and transforming your blocks remains a mystery.

Who is this for?

You're ready to step into your inner power and lead with confidence, but the path ahead seems fuzzy. But hey, once you start owning your true self, something incredible starts happening—your dream clients come flocking to you like bees to honey. They totally get what you're about, can't wait to work with you, and together, you're creating some serious abundance with your unique gifts.


You'll effortlessly draw abundance and prosperity into your life and business, guided by divine intuition and bold action, fueled by the knowledge that the louder your inner critic screams "you can't do this," the more you're breaking into new areas of your life and business, leading to greater visibility and impact.

You’re tired of opening your laptop to write, only to hit a wall of resistance that suppresses your true voice? It's like this fear of being 'too much' just shrinks you down, leaving you frustrated, doom scrolling, and low-key comparing yourself to others, wondering what their secret sauce is.


Maybe you often second-guess your posts, waiting on the likes to know your worth, wondering if they're really hitting the mark or if your work is making a difference in people's lives.


You might also feel unsure about leading others or talking about certain topics, with that nagging feeling of "not being enough" in your business. It's time to truly recognise your value and see it reflected back to you.


Your skin is glowing, you've got relationships that feel genuine and supportive. You're making a big impact worldwide, all while feeling nourished and making money doing what you love. 


If any of this resonates, you’re in the right place. I have been there too!

And guess what? Connecting with the spirit realms is kinda my expertise.

What's Included:

Text message & voice support weekly, Monday - Saturday

2 sessions per month, for quantum light activations, full body energy clearing and channeled guidance either hosted on Zoom or in person

Personalised Flower Essences for integration

Practical tools to navigate challenges within your business and hold radical self-compassion

Ceremonial rituals to honour the death and rebirth process, and more


" Seriously I can't thank you enough, the last 3 months have opened my eyes, my year wasn't ideal but I feel 2024 is going to be a big one, your insight and understanding from our first session was a breath of fresh air for me, you gave me the tools to work through my trauma of this year. I will never forget that."


I support my clients with things such as:

Manifesting their soulmate with ease & entering a healthy relationship where they feel seen, supported & loved for who they are & now are travelling the world together!


Connecting with their psychic gifts & starting their business as a healer so they can serve people all over the world & get paid for doing what they love.


Healing from heartbreak & transforming their grief into embodied self love where they now feel confident & secure in expressing their needs.


Guiding clients to manifest their soul aligned careers effortlessly, so they wake up excited every day, loving what they do, and loving who they work with.


No longer playing it small, leading them to step out and be seen! 

Reclaiming and owning their psychic gifts so that they can live a life rooted in freedom, where they get paid for their body of work. 


Becoming a spiritual baddie - reclaiming their inner power so they can move with confidence and start expressing their truth online. No longer being stifled with fear.


How to connect with their spirit guides and become a clear channel for source, fulfilling their mission on earth and help raise the collective consciousness.


Releasing suppressed emotions so that they can come back home to their bodies and feel more presence with their loved ones.

Attracting soulmate clients who are a joy to work with and love to pay you.

Liberating their emotions so they can fall in love with life again and have mind blowing sex!


Healing past, present, and future timelines. Reprogramming subconscious energy blockages through every layer. Light activations for cellular shifts, creating a ripple effect. Full body energy clearings, releasing attachments. Connecting with your spirit team for personalised service. Ancestral healing, addressing emotional baggage across your family lineage. Innate spirit medicine, activating flower codes for higher self awakening. Providing a safe space for your body to release and be supported. Breaking karmic cycles, gaining soul wisdom, and embodying change through flower essence therapy. Accessing gifts from past lives and healing childhood wounds. Intuitive guidance tailored to your highest good. Ceremonial rituals.


One Time


$3,800 AUD

Payment Plan

$950 AUD

per month

x 4 months

"Embrace your fullest expression, like nature,

you're destined to flourish"

- Jessie

For more information on signing up for this mentorship...

Contact Jessie below
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