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 Draw in clients like a magnet, even when your brain screams failure.
It's time to flip the script and make friends with your inner critic.


Step into the realm of the dark feminine and reawaken the powerful force within you. It's time to reawaken your wild, primal essence and liberate the magic & medicine of your true self.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You're crazy passionate about your ‘side hustle’, but when it comes to shouting about it on social media, you're hesitant. You’re worried about what others might think if you put yourself out there.


You’re tired of opening your laptop to write, only to hit a wall of resistance that suppresses your true voice? It's like this fear of being 'too much' just shrinks you down, leaving you frustrated, doom scrolling, and low-key comparing yourself to others, wondering what their secret sauce is.

You're ready to step into your inner power and lead with confidence, but the path ahead seems fuzzy. But hey, once you start owning your true self, something incredible starts happening—your dream clients come flocking to you like bees to honey. They totally get what you're about, can't wait to work with you, and together, you're creating some serious abundance with your unique gifts.

Settling for clients who don't align with your values?

Feeling the pressure to undercharge and hustle fast? Hearing that inner voice questioning your worth? Experiencing highs of possibility followed by crashing doubts? It's time to break free and own your value.


You're stuck in this endless cycle of perfection analysis, waiting around and hoping for those Instagram likes to start pouring in so you can finally feel like what you're putting out there is good enough.

You're spending hours on content and not seeing any clients Do you feel like you're grinding away, completely burnt out? But deep down, you know there's a timeline where you're serving up greatness, embracing your care for others AND bringing in the abundance your soul craves.

You're ready to show up in your business (or leadership) feeling totally nourished, fired up about how amazing your life is, make money & leave a huge impact!

D33D895D-A668-4793-9998-849CE5D46E7D_L0_001-12_2_2024, 2_27_20 pm.jpg

You know what makes me stand out as a mentor?

My wild brain.

I'm fully aware of my neurodivergence. Not everyone's wired like me, but that's what makes me good at what I do. 


As an intuitive guide, I've had to navigate through my limbic lizard survival brain and all the crazy stories it throws at me. It hasn't been a walk in the park, sitting through all that discomfort. 


But every time, I come out a little wiser, a little wilder, and a whole lot more in tune with myself.


Welcome to Shakti Rising, where we celebrate the full spectrum of feminine power- the same journey I’ve navigated in my own life.


Here's what I know about experiencing the fullness of being a woman:

As much as I love being stripped back in nature-

I love luxury. 


It’s been a journey to be ok with that.


I spent some of my mid twenties exploring what living off the bare necessities looked like.


I lived in a van for 3 months and learnt pretty quickly that life was not for me.


I guess you could call me a boujee hippie. 


My soul loves luxury. 


My soul loves to experience the earthly pleasures.


And that's ok.


I get to embrace the full spectrum of my femininity.


The journey has been about honouring the fullness of who I am. It's about recognising that I am an enigma, embodying both simplicity and complexity, and finding beauty in that duality.


Sometimes that looks like sitting barefaced on the earth, communing with trees and drumming to the rhythm of the universe, and sometimes that looks like being dressed up at an expensive restaurant sipping on a $30 cocktail.


We get to experience it all.

What makes this program stand out, is it's not your typical 'think positive, get positive' kind of deal.


Nope, it's way deeper than that. We're talking about getting into the nitty-gritty of things – body, mind, and energy.


None of that 'ignore the bad stuff' nonsense. We confront it head-on, looking at the shadows and bringing them into the light. It's a journey to wholeness that doesn't gloss over the messy parts of being human. In my world, every emotion is sacred – they've all got something important to say. Its facing them head on, and alchemising into our greatest assets. 


Trust me, you won't find anything else quite like this out there.

It's a game-changer!

Shakti Rising isn't just another program; it's a way of being. it's a woman who refuses to be boxed in by societal programming.

She shatters the norms, forging her own path with conviction.



A woman is not meant to be fixed in any identity or persona.

She remains fluid and non-linear.

Her power comes from continuously shedding and remaining in flux with what is stirring in her womb.

Staying in touch with her body and intuition.

She remains in constant dialogue with the universe- her matrix designed for death and creation.


Just imagine what's possible when you liberate the power of your dark feminine energy...

  • You'll step further into your leadership role, with your Throat and Sacral connected, activating others as you speak at events, circles and retreats.

  • You'll effortlessly draw abundance and prosperity into your life and business - guided by divine intuition and bold action, knowing that the louder your inner critic protests, the more you’re breaking into new areas of your life and business.

  • As your vision comes to life, you'll find radical self-compassion and worth, empowering you to face your fears and the voice that tells you: "You'll never make it," "You're not talented enough," or "You're going to fail" head-on and transmute them into your greatest asset—your gift to share with others. 

  • You'll shed fear and doubt as you heal, channeling your creativity into your work. Your vision, writing, and offerings will carry greater potency, reflecting your unique soul blueprint. Your phone will buzz with messages like "you've changed my life," and your authenticity will draw people who genuinely resonate with you and the work you do as you fulfill your purpose.

  • You are glowing, dressing in clothes that make you feel sexy, releasing guilt and control, treating yourself to massages, traveling to tropical destinations, and truly taking care of yourself—guided by your soul's desires.

  • You get to embody your full creative potential, knowing your creations are from god; you don't need permission, you get to go first. It can be this good. You get to be rewarded for your creativity. You can relax and receive—your phone lights up with bank payments as you are out enjoying a nice meal. This comes from devotion and taking  action, which comes natural when you are  balanced in your masculine.

  • In both romantic relationships and friendships, you'll gain deeper levels of intimacy. Some bonds deepen, while others fade, allowing space for those who genuinely nourish you. Leading to connections that just feel right—whether it's chilling with coffee chats or going on spontaneous adventures together.

  • You’ll feel more connected to your body and it’s innate wisdom. Holding deep reverence for life. 

You weren't born to play small. Remember, as you heal and grow, your journey impacts others through your presence, inner work, and art. Give yourself permission to break moulds and welcome new perspectives, staying open, surrendered and connected to your inner-authority.




6 modules filled with transformative lessons, PDF workbook and rituals.

3 group coaching calls with me to provide guidance and support.

Access to online community for networking and collaboration.

Bonus resources to accelerate your growth and success.

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sacred bleed rituals.png
Empress Energy4 TRANSPAR.png
nature immersion.png



Ancestral Healing, Shadow & Magick (Root Chakra)

Travel into the depths of your ancestral healing journey as a mystic. Reconnect with ancient magick within through sacred rituals. Honour ancestral wisdom and wounds for Root Chakra healing, releasing generational fears and insecurities.


Cord Removals & Boundaries (Sacral Chakra):

Break free from past patterns and toxic ties. Through shadow work and boundary rituals, reclaim your power as a healer and leader. Honour boundaries, clear cords, and make room for deep healing and genuine connections to flourish.

sacral solar.png

Sacred Sexuality & Self-Worth (Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras)

Rediscover your sacred sexuality and self-worth. Dive into rituals, explore desire, shame, and empowerment. Integrate shadow aspects to awaken your full essence, becoming a magnet for soul desires.

sacral heart2.png

Sacred Bleed & Cyclical Wisdom (Womb & Heart Chakras):

Embrace your menstrual cycle's sacredness and tap into ancestral wisdom within. Use cyclical rituals to harness transformative power, shedding light on hidden wounds and ancestral patterns. This work goes beyond physical renewal, connecting you with your deepest essence and empowering you as a catalyst for change.


Womb Healing & Sacred Expression (Womb, Heart & Throat Chakras):

Experience womb healing, trauma release, and sacred expression. Draw upon the potent energies of dark goddesses like Kali and the cosmic womb to reintegrate past traumas. Become a channel for the divine, bringing forth impactful creations that are changing the world.


Reclaiming Power & Psychic Opening (Third-Eye & Crown Chakras):

Deepen your intuitive gifts. By reclaiming your power and sovereignty, you not only clear feelings of craziness and hopelessness but also further activate psychic abilities that have been dormant within you. As a visionary leader and healer, you guide others with clarity, compassion and embodied self-trust.


Hey, just a heads-up: if you don't take action, nothing's going to change.


Same old path means same old challenges, right? But imagine what could happen if you take that leap of faith.

Most importantly, you'll have transformed your inner critic into your greatest gift.

Shakti Rising 2024 is only available for a limited time.

The next chance to participate in this program won't be until 2025.

So don't miss out!


One Time



Payment plans available, please contact Jessie for more information.




Includes 1 x 60 minute 1:1 session valued at $300

(you will receive this for $111)

Starting May 13 2024

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