Reiki is a non invasive technique that promotes healing by releasing congestion from your energy bodies to enable a good flow of energy in the body.  

As a trained Reiki practitioner, Jessica channels this energy in her treatments. Channelling reiki through her hands, where she is intuitively guided. Charging the body with positive, life force energy.

It's like getting a warm hug from the Universe.


Vibrational Plant Medicine is a practice where we work with the spirit of a plant to assist in energetic healing. Australian Bush Flower Essences are intuitively placed on your major meridian points (energetic pathways) creating shifts within the body.


This modality can help guide you through life transitions, connect you to your higher self and clear negative attachments


ThetaHealing is the ultimate tool in self-empowerment. It is a meditational process conducted whilst you and the practitioner are in a Theta brainwave state.
Our subconscious beliefs shape our reality, by identifying and reprogramming our limiting beliefs we can eliminate and shift what has been holding us back.   

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Flower Essences capture the vibrational imprint of a plant and have always been used to bring about emotional balance/energetic healing. Australian Aborigines used them, as did the Ancient Egyptians. They are magic makers leading the way to our higher self; by identifying blockages and self limiting beliefs.


Australia has the oldest plants in the World making for very wise medicine!

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Crystal Healing is a holistic vibrational energy based system of healing.

Each stone has a unique energy or resonance, and therefore has a specific purpose.

Jessica uses crystals to anchor the new vibration you are calling in

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Distant Healing is based on the law of connectivity.

We are all energetically tied via the Earth's aura and when working with spiritual energy, time and space doesn't exist.


This allows the healer to tap into your Auric field without you being there physically, and intuitively work with your blocks, bringing you back into energetic alignment.