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Activating dormant gifts, heart + third eye connection, intuition/ psychic senses.

I will help you strengthen your intuition & vision. Bridging the gap between you and the divine.



  • HOLY - Aura Spray - 100ml

    Ingredients: distilled water, pure tasmanian vodka, blue lotus water, certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils: palo santo, frankincense, patchouli. flower essence San Pedro: distilled water, organic brandy. natural solubilzer: derived from almond & coconut oil- infused with Reiki ~ created in ritual. only natural ingredients included. no synthetic chemicals or fillers.


    Aromatic description: woody, earthy, musky.

    How to use:
    Shake well, spray throughout auric field and sacred space, creating ritual & intention throughout your day. 

    Affirmation: "my vision is connected to the heart"


    Respect for the indigenous peoples and cultures.

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