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Dragonfly Healing is a healing space founded by Jessica Giannetto, an Energetic Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor.

Jessica holds a deep love and reverence for our plant ancestors and crystals. She uses these powerful allies in alchemy to achieve deep relaxation and a state of well-being for her clients. 

The plants and crystals gently nudge us awake, helping us cultivate our presence and step into our power. 

As humans we carry innate healing abilities. Sometimes our bodies need a little support to bring us back into alignment. 

Are you ready to step into the most empowered version of yourself, heal at the deepest level, upgrade your energy bodies and release what no longer serves you?

If this resonates...


Energy healing is a non-invasive technique that works on clearing stagnant energy and trauma from the body, chakras & field. 


As our energetic body holds the blueprint of our physical lives, energy healing sessions can improve quality of life and help you cope with difficulties, while removing blockages that are preventing you from moving forward. 





spiritual growth

creates deep relaxation for stress relief

supports immune system + clearing toxins

raises vibrational frequency 

aids in better sleep

awakens intuition and self awareness 

increased blood flow & circulation 



release of emotional stress 

alleviated pain

increased energy levels + vitality
relieves anxiety & depression
improved overall well-being

open heart 

strengthens self esteem







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