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Dragonfly Healing is founded by Jessica Giannetto, an Energetic healer and Spiritual Coach. 


Jessica holds space for you to heal painful belief systems and unconscious forms of sabotage, creating feelings of safety and wholeness from within. 


Radically empowering you to become your own source of unconditional love and self-acceptance. 


You are already perfect and whole as you are. Jessica is here to support you in the rediscovery of your true self.


“I am love and love is the essence of everything”. 

We spend so much of our lives disconnected from ourselves and what we are truly feeling. 


Running on autopilot and operating from the unconscious mind. 

This is the space that I have created. 

A space to connect deeply within - bridging the mind and body. 

Tapping into the innate wisdom that has been there all along.

If this resonates...

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these healings are beneficial for:

balancing / clearing chakras & energy system

releasing suppressed emotions & fears

childhood wounds / trauma / genetically inherited patterns

spiritual growth & connection

low self esteem

deepening existing relationships

attracting healthy & loving relationships

magnetising soul desires

clarity & soul aligned decisions

trusting the flow of life

cultivating authentic relationship with self

mindset shift and emotional regulation

tension & stress in the body

mind body & spirit connection

creativity & self expression

renewed enthusiasm and perseverance

awareness & presence in the body

deep relaxation & nervous system reset

Jessica holds a simple, grounded and practical based approach to healing.

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spiritual healer sydney

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energy healing 

“As a spiritually connected person myself, Jess has been my competent practitioner and trusted person to go to in order to make sense of my life challenges.


The evolvements I've noticed within myself since working with Jess have been around the ripple effects on a number of items in my life, such as my professional development, how I build relationships; both personally and professionally, and how I can be of service to my colleagues, friends, and family; whilst being mindful of my aura system and gaining an understanding how to not burn myself out energetically. .”

- fred