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Jessie Giannetto
Healer & Earth Medicine Practitioner

Receive, Reclaim, Reconnect

Aligning with your purpose

Feeling more confident

Emotional wellbeing

Breaking generational patterns

I can support you with...

Healthy Relationships

Trusting the flow of life

Energy depletion

Womb Healing & Activation

and more...

Expanding capacity to create

& receive

Nervous system reset

Clarity & soul guidance

Fear and Anxiety

Are you feeling trapped, frustrated and in the same old patterns, craving to see beyond your current situation?

I'm here to support you with that...

Jessie Giannetto Energy Healer Sydney

I am Jessie

An Intuitive, a Healer and Earth Medicine Practitioner.


I know what it’s like to feel worthless, powerless and to be attracting relationships and situations from this place.

A little more about me...

There was a time in my life where I was disconnected from myself and my surroundings were a reflection of this. I struggled with my confidence, my purpose, my sexuality and my worth. Finding connection with my Plant Allies and Spirit Teachers was the catalyst for profound change. 


I was able to take back my power, initiate deep healing and get back in touch with my intuition. What I love about working with Earth’s medicine is that it’s spirituality, in a grounded way. 

It is a path that allows you to process and engage more with life. 


The support I have felt from Great Spirit is like nothing else! This has led to a deep universal trust and belief in self. I have a beautiful divine partnership, being in a position to recognise and choose this healthy version of love. 


Rediscovering my soul medicine through this path was the key to finding my place in the world. 


I am devoted to my path of service, helping people reclaim their inner-power and their soul work.


The medicine you need is right here. 

  • Drop deeper into the healing experience with the medicine of cacao.

    1 hr 30 min

    250 Australian dollars
  • A ceremony to honour where you are at on your journey undergoing a dee...

    1 hr

    200 Australian dollars
  • Available Online

    Distant Healing is based on the law of connectivity

    1 hr

    200 Australian dollars
  • Available Online

    15 min

What Clients Say

"Experiencing a session with Jessie has been a long time coming, and I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have encountered her medicine at this stage in my life. Jessie created such a beautiful & safe space, with her warm & nurturing energy, where she listened to what was happening at this time for me, and explored all the different root emotions that opened my eyes to how much they've been holding me back. Following Jessie's energy healing, I felt an instant energetic release & shift. My whole body felt lighter, my eyes had brightened, and I felt more embodied within myself. I highly recommend Jessie's energetic healing for anyone who is ready to go deeper - it is a truly magical experience. Thank you infinitely Jessie!!!"

Gabriella Macri


What does our time together look like?


Our session begins with a conversation, as you share what you’ve been experiencing, or feeling (it’s common that people have difficulty articulating this or they have a bit of mind fog, this is where I come in to help you see it clearly) I bring through channeled guidance from your higher self and spirit guides. 


I do so with oracle cards, so that there is a visual aspect to what we are discussing (I feel this offers more depth with symbolism and archetypes).


This allows you to see new perspectives and highlights what it is spirit wants you to know about the energy you are currently in. 


Once we establish the foundation of the session we will begin the energy work, where you will lay down and I will guide you on a journey to connect with the body and ground into the earth.


You will receive a smoke cleansing, as I connect with your energy field and intuitively work, activate and release where I am guided.

What to expect?

People purge or feel energy in a number of different ways.

You may feel tingles, heat, numbness, openness, tummy rumbles, yawning or there may be an emotional release. You may see colours, or receive insight or visitations from your ancestors and spirit guides.


Know that all is welcome and that it is a safe space. 


I call upon crystal and plant allies and if guided will prescribe certain ones to work with after our session.

Clients typically will leave with a spiritual practice, recommendation or call to action which we will discuss at the end of our time together.

How many sessions do I need to book?

I always advise clients to trust their intuition and when they get that nudge to see me. I have some who see me annually, monthly or quarterly or sometimes just one session is enough.

It all depends on your own journey and how deeply we are meant to work together.


Clients might start with 3 consecutive sessions and then book as they feel called.

I trust that the right people are guided to me at the right time. 

Tropical Plant

"Intention is at the heart of every healing"

- Jessie Giannetto

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